Join Us ​ 

Benefits of membership include:

  •     Regularly scheduled group rides
  •     Access to special events
  •     Insurance coverage while cycling with the BBBC
  •     Discounts on items at local bicycle shops

We offer two classes of memberships: Regular and Non-Resident

  •   Regular memberships are available to all residents, current and former, owning or renting property within Bonita Bay.  
  •   Non-Resident memberships are available, on a limited basis, to those persons sponsored by a Regular member in
      accordance with procedures in the  Bylaws .

To join the BBBC as a Member:

  •   Mail a completed Membership Form & Waiver to Phyd Lentz, 26300 Mira Way
  •   Membership fee is $20 per rider per year payable,by check, to “The BBBC.”                           
  •   Annual dues are payable each year on October 1.      

To ride with the BBBC as a Guest:

  •   Guests of BBBC members may ride on any group ride, after completing a Guest Rider Form & Waiver .
  •   The host BBBC member is requested to present or mail the completed waiver to any Board member.
  •   Request that your guests ride on the back of the pace-line.  


All cyclists, whether guests or members, are asked to read and comply with the guidelines published in "Our Safety Program."  

We ask that you also watch the video "Communicating During Group Rides,"
found on our You Tube channel.


Safety ​