Daily rides

  •    During the Season (October 1-March 31), rides are available every day except Sunday on a show-up-and-ride basis.  
       An “Official” BBBC ride is one which is composed of 2 or more club members.

  •    Rides leave the Tennis Center after the “leader-for-the-day” is designated and destination and speed are decided.

  •   “A” & “B” rides depart Monday-Saturday @ 8 AM 
      (note: riders for “B” groups are most likely to show up on Tu/Th/Sa,  whereas “A” riders generally present most days in

  •    “C” rides depart on Wednesday & Saturday @ 830 AM.  Saturday rides have a designated leader in Season.

  •    “Easy Riders” depart Thursdays @ 9:30 AM (see below for description)

  •   “The Insiders” depart Tuesdays & Thursdays and Saturdays @ 830 AM.  Ride leader: JimGallo.  A 10-35 mile ride entirely within  
           Bonita Bay at a 15 mph pace.

Ride Classifications

                                          Pace                            Distance

            A+                        18-24 mph                  > 45  miles

            A                          17-21 mph                    > 45 miles

            B+                        17-20 mph                  30-45 miles

            B                          14-17 mph                   30-45 miles

            C                          12-15 mph                   20-30 miles

            Easy Riders        10-12 mph                   10-12 miles
            Insiders               Ride at their own pace/within Bonita Bay

           Spin Class           Rides rode by Bonita Bay Club members during a Spin Class


Ride leader responsibilities

  •     Verify that all cyclists have signed a BBBC waiver.  Submit signed waivers to a member of the Board of Directors.

  •     Review Ride Organization Guidelines with the group.

  •     Report rider names (in alphabetical order) and ride length  to stats@bonitabaybicycleclub.com  after the end of the ride.  

  •     Assist with fixing flat tires and other minor problems.

  •     Report accidents to the Safety Director .

Group Riding Support

  • Introduction to Group Riding.   Claude Weir, our past-president, will lead a ride on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 AM,                 departing from the Tennis Center.  This ride is available by reservation only.  Contact Claude at for reservations.

  • Biking Buddy.  If you are new to bicycling or new to group riding we can pair you with a seasoned “buddy” who can help you to assimilate the BBBC culture and learn the finer points of pace line cycling.  Contact Claude  or Vlad .

  • Easy Riders.  Each Thursday morning @ 10 AM , Mimi, Lorraine and Mary Lou will offer an easy & casual one-hour ride within    the confines of Bonita Bay.   (Those planning to ride with the group for the first time are requested to bring their bicycle, helmet, and signed waiver to the Tennis Center @ 9:45 AM.  A short introduction to the “ABC’s” of group riding will precede the ride.) 

Summer Riding

  • After Season, riding continues on a show-up-and-ride basis, departing from the Tennis Center @ 8:00 AM.

  • Groups of riders tend to be a mix of Ride Classifications, given reduced residency in Bonita Bay during the Summer Season. 

  • Ride distance may be somewhat shortened due to the ambient heat of the Florida summer.